Apr 17, 2012

Game Designing in UDK

I preferred UDK game development as I provided lots of tools and nice front-end for content modeling.  When I try to content creation with UDK, I understand that I am lack of comfortable with its tools and functions. Hence I followed these tutorials. For me, those are quite comprehensive.I did not wast my time for training with all the tutorial. I did my homework only for get to familiar with it. :)


  • LMB - Right/Left/Forward/Back Movements
  • RMB - Rotate, Look Around
  • LMB+RMB - Up/Down
  • Load map from ; C:\UDK\UDK-2012-03\UDKGame\Content\Maps
  • Red builder brush act as template for creating BSP ( Binary Space Partitioning) geometry. This red builder brush does not shown in the game. BSP is used to quickly create playable space. 
  • Static Meshes is what you'll be using to detail the environment.
  • The most of the environment consists with static meshes and BSP geo.

Scale Reference 

  • Use scale reference to scale entire environment. (character - x=32, y=32, z=96) 
  •  If geometry is not visible go to wire frame and set order to 'last'.
  •  If position is changed -> build geometry again.
  • View port tools (G mode, P, Real time, Camera speed, Play mode..)

Map Template

  • Edit SimpleMap file name in C:\UDK\UDK-2012-03\UDKGame\ConfigC:\UDK\UDK-2012-03\UDKGame\Config\DefaultEditorUDK.ini
  •  InterpActor is a form of static mesh. This is dynamic actor that models sky sphere.
  •  Dominant directional light takes to illuminate the environment. Primary lighning in the map no fall off
  • ExponentialHeightFog (better HighFog) is distance fog. This is more dynamic version of the fog and creates more density at low places ans less density at higher places. We can use two colors to better visual placing in the world.
  •  View -> World proprieties to look changes in the environment and set default values. 
  • Create own custom template and show it when starts.  
  •  Add player from the content browser as the scale reference.
  • Build the room.
  • Open Geometry tools and edit flour size in grid mode. 
  • Duplicate the room and put windows around. 
  • Adding a light to illuminate the scene. (with light mass volume)
  • Use static meshes for the newly created environment
  • Use 'END' key to place static mesh in the flour. 
  • Scaling the static mesh (use space-bar or x,y,z values) 
  • Note - duplicating static meshes will not effect performance. 
I think UDK is the best gaming engine for rapid development. Try it...and Enjoy... :)

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