Apr 7, 2012

First experience with wiimote

I have no practical experience with wii mote although I have read a lot about it. There are a lots of tutorials have been available for deal with wii mote. But I am rather happy to share my own experience with you.

Firstly you have to make sure the wiimote is properly connected via Bluetooth with your PC. There are different Bluetooth drivers have been available, called Bluetooth stacks. But if you are using windows, Microsoft Bluetooth stack is preferred. As I showed my previous post, you should keep pressing 1 & 2 buttons on the wii mote for a while, to connected with your PC. In my case I have to take several attempts to make install drivers properly.

Then you may need an input emulator which emulates input devices by using other input devices. I used GlovePIE as the input emulator. But unfortunately the site has been hacked by the exploiters. However I have the last updated version. :) You can fined many tutorials to learn about the GlovePIE emulator.

I just interested about it because it can be easily configured for wiimote's inputs. Flowing code I have used for transform wii mote inputs to keyboard interrupts.  

GlovePIE script for wii mote

If the wii mote is connected properly its LEDs should be turn on, just after you are running the emulator code. Now emulator maps each wii mote inputs to specified key board inputs. This is smiler to the functionality of PreTranslateMessage in windows API. You can also know about this of you have MFC programming knowledge. 

Now go to the notepad. And press 1 or 2 button of the wiimote and you will see 'a's and 'b's will be typed on the notepad. If it so, yes you are done.

Now run your openSim region on your favorite viewer. I used imprudence as it has may functionaries. Once you loin just pressing the up/down buttons of the wii. Yes, there you are...Now you can move your avatar with wii mote. :) 

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