May 10, 2015

Problem with Visual Studio Immediate Exit ?


I have faced this problem many times. Specially in visual C++ programming.
Here, few things we can to avoid this issue.

  1. Simple, cool way is press CTRL + F5. This is also known Debug-> Start without debugging.
  2. Add  system("pause"); at the end of your code.
  3. This is also mentioned in many places over the web. Somehow I tested this on my Visual C++ console application and it wasn't work for me. I am leaving this to you for trying out...            
properties -> configuration proprieties -> linker -> system
select CONSOLE(/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE) in subsystem option.

Also I have seen added logically correct coding tips end of the code. But according to me those looks like unprofessional !

while(1) { }
for(;;) ;

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